Writing and difference 1978 corvette

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Writing and difference 1978 corvette

There has been one reported 07E 22 engine block with this casting number. There are reportedly documented late Camaros with the If the 4-bolt hp assembly was used to replace the 4-bolt hp engine, cylinder heads from the hp engine would interfere with the domed pistons of the hp block replacement.

Specific partial engine and fitted block assemblies were noted for replacements. Some, if not all, hp engines used this block even though it was not called for that application by Chevrolet.

It's been brought up that the overwhelming majority of casting blocks are from the Flint, MI. My thanks goes to Mr. Randolph for alerting me to this and Mr. Cummings for his input. High performance applications were 4-bolt main bearing caps. The rear hole has a machined surface and is used to mount the pivot ball for a manual transmission clutch release cross-shaft.

Casting Clock The Saginaw foundry casting clock is approximately 2-inches in diameter and is usually found on the rear of the block by the casting number.

writing and difference 1978 corvette

The clock has 10 dots representing an hour of a shift. The second dot outside the circle indicates the start of a ten-hour shift.

The Saginaw foundry usually ran two ten-hour shifts, 7: Parts cast at the beginning of the shift would have the pointer pointing to the double-dot position as shown in the photo.

Every hour the pointer would be moved clockwise to indicate the hour. The slot in the pointer indicates the shift. A flat, slotted head indicates the first shift, the second shift has a round head in the pointer. This pointer indicates this block was cast first hour of the first shift, or 7: Note the difference in the Tonawanda foundry casting clock.

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This clock has 11 dots plus the number The pointer indicates this block was cast in the 8th hour of the shift. Block Casting Numbers The block's casting number is generally located on the driver side of the block at the rear where the bellhousing bolts to the block.

It's generally thought that the letters "P" and "T" represent "Passenger" and "Truck" but there's no evidence of this as of yet. This late engine is a casting but retains the canister type oil filter.

Another block casting number that's much different from the example above. Courtesy Todd Burke block casting number Casting Dates Note casting date of B24 70 on this Chevelle block.

The block's casting date is either on the passenger side of the block at the rear where the bellhousing bolts to the block or on the passenger side of the block near the freeze plug and generally are in the format of a letter for the month, a one- or two-digit number for the day and a single digit number for the year.

It's reported that some early blocks have been found with three digits representing the month, day, and year. These early blocks may also have more than three digits depending on the month and day.

Note this date begins with the number "2" instead of a letter. Note has a 2-digit year code.The third generation Chevrolet Corvette, patterned after Chevrolet's "Mako Shark" (designed by Larry Shinoda), started in and ended in The only external difference between the and Corvettes is the amber front turn signals and chrome plating on the egg-crate grills on the The model saw the first fastback.

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