Writing an information page ks1 bitesize

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Writing an information page ks1 bitesize

Monday, 4 April Primary maths activities can be linked to most topics and this includes celebrating the Queen's 90th birthday.

Information about Queen Elizabeth II includes so many numbers it would be a shame to miss this opportunity. As well as using money and stamps with the Queen's head you can also base maths activities around the number Using the data Let's start with the data.

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Choose the activities that support the maths you have covered this year. One off topics are a good way to revisit and revise maths skills and concepts. Queen Elizabeth II timeline A timeline of significant events in the Queen's life is a good way of finding differences, ordering and comparing numbers.

This way your class can find differences, order and compare numbers up to The Queen's offical 90th birthday website has a good timeline. There are pictures of events with titles that would make nice cards for children to place in date order. They can also add their own year of birth.

Use the timeline information to create word problems: She made her first TV appearance 17 years later. How old was she when she made her first TV appearance?

She sent her first email from an army base in How many years was this after her first TV appearance? There are four portraits of the Queen on coins in current circulation, try to find coins showing each different version.

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The Queen first appeared on a coin inin a new portrait was used for the new decimal coins, a different image of the Queen was used between and and this was replaced in with the Queen looking more mature as she was then in her 70s.

A new portrait of the Queen was introduced in Counting a birthday gun salute The Queen's birthday is on 21 April and there are three gun salutes to mark the occasion.

Use a drum to beat a salute to the Queen on her birthday at midday on 21 April and ask your class to count the sounds. It is good to do all year round, let anyone with a birthday beat the drum while the class counts how old they are.

KS1 This is a good activity for practising counting up to 99 using all three gun salutes.

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KS2 Although this age should find counting up to 99 easy, they count less often and it is a fun way of checking listening skills and concetration as well. The Queen is 90 years old. KS1 Count on in 10s from Welcome.

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writing an information page ks1 bitesize

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Dusty and Pod are writing non chronological reports - how to write a non chronological report KS1, information texts, examples of non chronological reports KS1.

Home Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Next Section. KS1 writing non chronological reports KS1. information text writing template tes resources two templates one with subheadings and one without space for four paragraphs of information plus contents introduction diagram and glossary as well as writing frames and printable page borders ks1 & ks2 free printable writing frames templates and page borders for primary school teachers crime.

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