The battle of mogadishu

Assignment What were some of the factors that explain how what began as a peacekeeping mission in Somalia ended in a firefight? Background Over the last quarter of a century, Somalia has struggled with internal fighting and poor economic and social conditions for its people. Since decolonization there has been no real centralized authority in Somalia, and presently the country is divided into at least sixteen warring factions, based on clan alliances, which constantly change. In Mohammed Siad Barre became the leader of Somalia through a military coup.

The battle of mogadishu

Maalintii Rangerswas part of Operation Gothic Serpent. The battle is also referred to as the First Battle of Mogadishu, to distinguish it amongst the nine major Battles of Mogadishu during the decades-long Somali Civil War.

The goal of the operation was achieved, though conditions spiraled into the deadly Battle of Mogadishu. The initial operation of 3 Octoberintended to last an hour, became an overnight standoff and rescue operation extending into the daylight hours of 4 October. It consisted of various elite special operations units from Army, Air Force and Navy special services: The assault force consisted of nineteen aircraft, twelve vehicles including nine Humveesand men.

The operation was intended to last no longer than one hour. Shortly after the assault began, Somali militia and armed civilian fighters shot down two UH Black Hawk helicopters.

The subsequent operation to secure and recover the crews of both helicopters extended the initial operation into an overnight standoff and daylight rescue operation on 4 October.

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The battle resulted in 19 deaths, 73 wounded and one helicopter pilot captured among the U. At least one Pakistani soldier and one Malaysian soldier were killed as part of the rescue forces on day two of the battle.

American sources estimate between 1, and 3, Somali casualties, including civilians; the Somali National Alliance SNA claims dead, with wounded. During the operation, two U. Black Hawk helicopters were shot down by RPGs and three others were damaged.

Some of the wounded survivors were able to evacuate to the compound, but others remained near the crash sites and were isolated. An urban battle ensued and continued throughout the night. Early the next morning, a combined task force was sent to rescue the trapped soldiers. They assembled over one hundred vehicles, including Pakistani tanks M48s and Malaysian Condor armoured personnel carriers and were supported by U.

This task force reached the first crash site and rescued the survivors.

The second crash site had been overrun by hostile Somalis during the night. Delta snipers Gary Gordon and Randy Shughart had volunteered to hold them off until ground forces arrived.

A Somali mob with thousands of combatants had eventually overrun the two men. The exact number of Somali casualties is unknown, but estimates range from several hundred to over a thousand militiamen and others killed, with injuries to another 3,—4, The International Committee of the Red Cross estimated that Somali civilians were killed and several hundred wounded in the fighting, with reports that some civilians attacked the Americans.

The book Black Hawk Down:Oct 05,  · After the Battle of Mogadishu, Clinton said that it was a mistake for the United States to play the role of police officer in Somalia. He announced a six-month plan to remove U.S.

The battle of mogadishu

troops from the. The Battle for Mogadishu evolved from a well-planned kidnapping to an all-out fight for the lives of American Special Forces. The public forum mainly remembers the image of dead, half-naked, mutilated soldiers being dragged through the streets of the city though the event proved deeper than the much-publicized, unforgettable conclusion.

Battle of Mogadishu () - Black Hawk Down Despite the humanitarian-minded end-goal, the American involvement in Somalia proved a nightmare all-around, shaping U.S. foreign policy for the next decade. On October 3, , a special operations unit of U.S. Army Ranger and Delta Force troops headed for the center of Mogadishu, Somalia to capture three rebel leaders.

The battle of mogadishu

The mission was thought to be relatively straightforward, but when two U.S. Blackhawk helicopters were shot down, the mission took a.

Battle of Mogadishu () - Black Hawk Down

Oct 05,  · After the Battle of Mogadishu, Clinton said that it was a mistake for the United States to play the role of police officer in Somalia. He announced a . October 3rd and 4th, mark the dates of the Battle of Mogadishu also known as the Day of the Rangers.

The battle was fought by forces of the United States supported by the United Nations Operation in Somalia II (UNOSOMII) and Somali militiamen loyal to Mohamed Farrah Aidid.

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