Taking responsibility women in stem fields essay

Importance of being responsible Essay on responsibility: Importance of being responsible In: Popular topics Everyone has heard about responsibility. We all know that some people are responsible, others are irresponsible.

Taking responsibility women in stem fields essay

Among these is that fewer girls than boys study computer science CS or programming in high school. Hence, when they get to college, fewer of the women have been exposed to the excitement of CS, and they do not necessarily appreciate the countless ways they can use CS to make their mark on society.

But times are changing. For example, from tothe number of males taking the AP computer science test went up by a factor of 7, whereas the number of females taking the test went up by a factor of Programming and CS are slowly becoming standard in K education, in part due to the amazing work of Code.

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In fact, 45 percent of the students currently taking Code. Based on current trends, there is every reason to believe that the growing tidal wave of students majoring in CS in college will eventually include a much larger percentage of women.

In his article, Reges argued that inherent differences between men and women result in differing levels of interest in computer science. Of course I agree that there are differences between the genders. But how they relate to behavior and decision-making is complicated, and we are far from fully understanding the complex interplay between genetics and socialization.

Surely, empathy must have a place in our environment.

Taking responsibility women in stem fields essay

When we discount the feelings and experiences of others, we not only sacrifice our ability to understand, we sacrifice our ability to find common ground. I truly feel that as a computer scientist I have the best job in the world.

But this controversy makes it clear that we still have much to learn about how to discuss diversity issues productively and with empathy for all. Jennifer Mankoff Mankoff is the Richard E. Ladner Professor in the Paul G. Her work applies technologies such as machine learning and 3D printing to improving inclusion in and accessibility of the digital future.

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Courtesy of Jennifer Mankoff One of the ways in which we fail women in computer science is by assuming that we know them. This assuming is, for the most part, neither egregious nor unusual. However, such assumptions create unequal access even in environments that are supportive and awake to the importance of supporting women.

Many of these differences could, of course, be experienced by men, as well. One example is the assumptions of people who are gatekeepers to the next career step that a woman is not interested in pursuing computer science.

During my senior year, when he discovered his assumption was wrong, there was little time left to fill in the blanks in my education.

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It is easy to assume the wrong thing about someone, and this is where implicit bias can creep in. It is far better simply to ask. Assumptions can also influence reputation and future career success. Unfortunately, subtle pressures can impact reputation-making and thus career advancement.

One example is one of my first research efforts. My research was used as an example in a paper I was not invited to contribute to.Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Why So Few?

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Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, Students Taking Advanced Placement Tests in Mathematics and Science, by Gender, Doctorates Earned by Women in Selected STEM Fields, – Figure Women in Selected STEM Occupations, The pay gap between men and women creates problems not only for women in STEM fields, but for all working women.

The reality is that the stereotypes explored in my previous blog play a role in determining salaries for some women. Women in stem fields essay about myself my own story essay essay methods for engineering change propagation analysis essay bbc2 word essay islam and terrorism research papers taking responsibility for your actions essay help humming bird essay perren interfragmentary strain theory essay 10 attention grabbers for an essay media and.

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