Narayan murthy competencies

One amongst them is the man who brought a revolution in the IT-sector of India- Mr. The IT industry in India, would never have been the way it is today without this one man. His story is an inspiration to every entrepreneur who dreams big. It has been over three decades since Infosys has been standing as pioneering IT company in the global market.

Narayan murthy competencies

Here are 30 lessons from Murthy, one for each year he spent at company. The experience taught him that entrepreneurship and job creation is the way to alleviate poverty.

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You might fail, but get started Learn from mistakes and move on. InMurthy founded Softronics, a company that lasted a year and a half. In few years, Infosys went on to become one of the largest wealth creators in the country.

He is a visionary, is forthright and resolute in action. His contribution to the industry has been phenomenal. I wish him the very best for the next phase of his life. According to Murthy, a leader needs to show his or her sacrifice and commitment. Lend a hand and throw in a foot Too After Murthy convinced seven of his colleagues, there was a problem.

Murthy noticed a single character error and informed the client immediately.


When I was in the US duringMurthy said the action was shifting to India and asked me to come back and take charge of the support functions. I wondered then why, but later realised that it helped me with very good learning. When confronted with difficult decisions, he tends to rely on data.

Keep the faith Infosys almost wound up in Murthy did not want to sell the company. He asked co-founders if they wanted out and offered to buy their shares.

All of them stuck together. After many unpleasant conversations with Mr. Murthy, I finally decided to take his advice and get a diary. The impact it had on my professional and personal life was phenomenal.

Narayan murthy competencies

This helped them retain talent and gave employees a sense of ownership. Murthy is proud of having given away stocks worth over Rs 50, crore to employees.

Treat your people good, but your best better Murthy always had a thing for good performers. And he rewarded them well. More impressed than irritated, he hired Mohandas Pai, who went on to help Infosys list on Nasdaq.

Whenever we got requests from ministers and bureaucrats, Murthy would say hire only on merit.

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There were repurcussions but Murthy was always clear not to give in to pressure. He often says, "When in doubt, please disclose.To locate members in other locations, use the drop-down menu boxes. This directory is maintained quarterly as we receive updated information from our members.

Narayan Murthy s vast experience in the HR & the in depth understanding of our requirements has helped us tide over many difficult situations, especially in finding people with hard-to-get skill HR Advisor. Narayana Murthy, (born Aug.

20, , Kolar, Karnataka state, India), Indian software entrepreneur who cofounded Infosys Technologies Ltd., the first Indian company to .

"I have always looked at my competencies before accepting any responsibility." - N. R. Narayana Murthy I have always looked at my competencies before accepting any responsibility. The foundations that make for a great doctor are firmly rooted in basic science, clinical experience and in-depth research, and lie at the heart of curriculum implementation.

Narayana Murthy turned a small software development venture that he had set up with his friends in , into one of the leading companies of the country. Infosys grew rapidly throughout the s Narayana Murthy distributed the company's profits among the employees through a stock-option program, and adopted the best corporate governance practices.

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