Mobile service provider database term paper

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Mobile service provider database term paper

Oracle Real Application Clusters Oracle RAC is considered to be one of the most advanced and capable technologies for enabling a highly available and scalable relational database. It is considered the default go-to standard for creating highly available and scalable Oracle databases.

However, with the ever increasing adoption of cloud, open-source, and platform-as-a-service PaaS database architectures, many organizations are searching for their next-generation relational database engine. Both Oracle RAC and Amazon Aurora are designed to provide increased high availability and performance scalability for your databases.

Mobile service provider database term paper

But they approach these goals from very different directions using different architectures: My first job, 15 years ago, had me responsible for administration and developing code on production Oracle 8 databases. As such, I love the capabilities, features, technology, and power of Oracle Database.

Its place in the pantheon of database kings is undoubtedly safe.

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Also, please keep in mind that the Amazon Aurora and RAC architectures vary greatly and the intention of this article is not to compare the internals of Amazon Aurora vs. Put forth some of the mainstream RAC use-cases and see if they can be handled by Amazon Aurora and, at the same time, leverage the inherit benefits of AWS.

But more on that later. Even the most traditional organization can see the benefits of tapping into the power that cloud-centric architectures can provide in performance, flexibility, high availability, and reduced total cost of ownership TCO. Oracle RAC is one of the major differentiating features for an Oracle database when compared to other relational database technologies.

Oracle RAC is the technology that allows an Oracle database to provide increased levels of high availability and big performance benefits. This architecture is considerably different from what you usually find in a non-Oracle database cluster. Instead of each database node having its own dedicated storage, all the database nodes coordinate and share access to the same physical disks.

All the database nodes coordinate with one another using both a dedicated network-based communication channel known as the cluster interconnect and a set of disk-based files.

Public access to the cluster from incoming applications, SQL queries, users, etc. In addition, each RAC cluster node has its own physical and virtual IP addresses that can be used to open a connection directly to a specific node.

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Greatly simplified Oracle RAC architecture Because of the shared nature of the RAC cluster architecture—specifically, having all nodes write to a single set of database data files on disk—the following two special coordination mechanisms were implemented to ensure that the Oracle database objects and data maintain ACID compliance: GCS Global Cache Services tracks the location and the status of the database data blocks and helps guarantee data integrity for global access across all cluster nodes.

GES Global Enqueue Services performs concurrency control across all cluster nodes, including cache locks and the transactions. These services, which run as background processes on each cluster node, are essential to serialize access to shared data structures in the Oracle database.

Shared storage is another essential component in the Oracle RAC architectures. All cluster nodes read and write data to the same physical database files stored in a disk that is accessible by all nodes. Most customers rely on high-end storage hardware to provide the shared storage capabilities required for RAC.

ASM is implemented as a set of special background processes that run on all cluster nodes and allow for easier management of the database storage layer. So, to recap, the main components of an Oracle RAC architecture include the following: Set of one or more servers running Oracle instances, each with a collection of in-memory processes and caches.

All cluster nodes access the same physical disks and coordinate access to a single set of database data files that contain user data.

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