Minority report book plot summary

Synopsis[ edit ] John Anderton is the head of the Precrime Division. One day, he receives a report that he is going to murder Leopold Kaplan, a man he never met. At first he goes on the run, but later turns to the offensive to figure out why the precogs identified him as a killer.

Minority report book plot summary

They talk about the success of Precrime. Since it was established there has been only one murder. However, none of the people in the detention camps are actually guilty of murder.

Three precogs are used to predict who will commit crimes, allowing the police to intercept them before the crime takes place. This is the moral dilemma. Going through the cards, listing the names of the potential criminals identified by the precogs, Anderton notices his name and hides the card into his pocket.

II — Anderton assumes that he will be killing Witwer to prevent him from moving to take over his position. More likely in his view is that he is being framed.

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Soon a duplicate report will appear in the Army and expose him. That could not be stopped. Anderton discusses the situation with his wife Lisa, although he suspects Lisa as a possible suspect in the effort to frame him.

The other suspect is Witwer because once he is sent to a detention camp, Precrime will fall under his authority.

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Looking at the card, Lisa realizes that Witwer is not the one Anderton will kill. It is a man neither has heard ofLeopold Kaplan. An intruder enters his room, leading him to a car and a building. He is introduced to former general Leopold Kaplan. Anderton tells him that he is certain the card was faked to help Witwer seize control of the police.

In fact, he has already stepped up as acting commissioner. The radio broadcasts a warning to the public about the fugitive criminal John Anderston. He realizes that Lisa must have gone directly to Witwer and they are working in concert.

The system requires that he goes to the detention camp. A car accident allows Anderton to escape. He is intercepted by a fat man named Fleming. He suggests that Anderton is being framed and says he is from a police watchdog group. He gives him a packet, including false identification.

He then listens to the radio to follow the excitement he has caused. The report includes a detailed description of how Precrime works with information given by acting-Commissioner Witwer.

The precogs actually see various multiple futures, but since it is unlikely that two precogs will see two identical false reports, the majority report will always be correct.

VI — Anderton calls Page in the office, asking for access to the reports. A few hours later, Anderton is led into Precrime and begins accessing the tape-reels holing the raw data from the precogs. Because he was informed he would commit a murder, Anderton could change his mind, unlike other potential murders that Precrime captured.

He knows this is futile information. Witwer will use the majority report to get rid of Anderton regardless of the information in the minority report. Lisa arrives and leads him to a ship on the roof so he can make an escape. VII — Lisa hears about the minority report and wonders how many are in jail who should not be.

Anderton explains that only people in a position to see the card can change their fate. Lisa suggests that Kaplan will protect him, but tells Anderton that he would have committed the crime. The majority report was not fake and Witwer was not trying to frame him.May 13,  · "The Minority Report" is a science fiction short story by Amerixan writer Philip K.

Dick, first published in Fantastic Universe. In a future society, three mutants foresee all crime before it . Detailed plot synopsis reviews of Minority Report In the future murder is a thing of the past. An amazing display of special effects, sex, Tom Cruise and illusion of complete government control.

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Minority report book plot summary

The Wolf of Wall Street ( He decides to get to the mystery's core by finding out the 'minority report' which means the prediction of the female Pre-Cog Agatha that "might" tell a different story and prove Anderton innocent.

Complete summary of Philip K. Dick's The Minority Report. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Minority Report. May 28,  · Story Background “The Minority Report” was originally published in Fantastic Universe in January It can now be found in Minority Report and Other Classic Stories by Philip K.

Dick on pp. 71– Plot Summary I – John Anderton meets with Ed Witwer to discuss the procedures of Precrime.

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