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December 4, Celebrating 50 years of Kids Coding Today, during Computer Science Education Weekwe celebrate 50 years since kids programming languages were first introduced to the world with a very special creation and furry friend: My first experience with coding was in a free after-school program back in the eighties when I was nine years old. We programmed a little green turtle to move around and draw lines on a black screen. That programming language was called Logo.

Help with coding

Netscape's blink element and Microsoft 's marquee element were omitted due to a mutual agreement between the two companies. December 18, HTML 4. It offers three variations: Strict, in which deprecated elements are forbidden Transitional, in which deprecated elements are allowed Frameset, in which mostly only frame related elements are allowed.

December 24, HTML 4. It offers the same three variations as HTML 4.

Help with coding

It expired in May The draft was considered very large at pages and the pace of browser development, as well as the number of interested parties, had outstripped the resources Help with coding the IETF. These included extensions to control stylistic aspects of documents, contrary to the "belief [of the academic engineering community] that such things as text color, background texture, font size and font face were definitely outside the scope of a language when their only intent was to specify how a document would be organized.

In Maythe working group advanced HTML5 to "Last Call", an invitation to communities inside and outside W3C to confirm the technical soundness of the specification.

The W3C developed a comprehensive test suite to achieve broad interoperability for the full specification bywhich was the target date for recommendation. The concept of a living standard is that it is never complete and is always being updated and improved.

New features can be added but functionality will not be removed. It is no longer being developed as a separate standard. The first tag in such a pair is the start tag, and the second is the end tag they are also called opening tags and closing tags.

Another important component is the HTML document type declarationwhich triggers standards mode rendering. The following is an example of the classic "Hello, World! If a declaration is not included, various browsers will revert to " quirks mode " for rendering.

These are indicated in the document by HTML tags, enclosed in angle brackets thus: The text content of the element, if any, is placed between these tags. Tags may also enclose further tag markup between the start and end, including a mixture of tags and text. This indicates further nested elements, as children of the parent element.

The start tag may also include attributes within the tag. These require only a single empty tag akin to a start tag and do not use an end tag.

These rules are complex and not widely understood by most HTML coders. The general form of an HTML element is therefore: The name of an HTML element is the name used in the tags. If attributes are not mentioned, default values are used in each case.

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The title is included in the head, for example: Note also that br is an empty element in that, although it may have attributes, it can take no content and it may not have an end tag. The href attribute holds the URL address of the link.Computer programming can help kids develop vital problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.

In honor of the computer science nonprofit's Hour of Code event Dec. 5–11, this list offers ways to jump-start a coding adventure.

Try a one-hour tutorial designed for all ages in over 45 languages.

Help with coding

Join millions of students and teachers in over countries starting with an Hour of Code. is a simple to-do list app without any fuss. It does not have overwhelming number of features to one up other apps cause for us the goal is not to impress you with lots of features but to actually help you complete your tasks without getting in your way.

The APMA Coding Resource Center (CRC) is not a forum for specific coding or reimbursement questions, nor does it provide forms, letters, instructions, etc.

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The CRC is a resource for your practice of available CPT, ICD-9, ICD, and HCPCS codes. In computer science and information theory, a Huffman code is a particular type of optimal prefix code that is commonly used for lossless data process of finding and/or using such a code proceeds by means of Huffman coding, an algorithm developed by David A.

Huffman while he was a Sc.D. student at MIT, and published in . Terms Engineers from Amazon, Google, and Microsoft helped create these materials. Minecraft™ © Microsoft. All Rights Reserved.

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