China and india comparing the

Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. A Chinese soldier stands near an Indian soldier at the ancient Nathu La border crossing. Story highlights Border dispute showing no sign of de-escalating Chinese military conducted live fire drill in nearby Qinghai-Tibet Plateau CNN The Chinese government has issued a warning to neighboring India to withdraw its troops from the disputed Doklam border area to "avoid further escalation of the situation.

China and india comparing the

China and india comparing the

India has two long coastal lines, while China has one. This key geographic difference exposed India to far more extensive and diverse economic, Unlike India, China has historically been relatively isolated from other civilizations of comparable prestige and power due to its geography. This key geographic difference exposed India to far more extensive and diverse economic, social, and cultural contacts than China.

In China, the state has traditionally played a much larger role in regulating the economy than in India or most other countries. In part, this organizing role of the government was derived from the need to regulate the course of the rivers, especially the unpredictable Yellow River, in the vicinity of which the earliest Chinese states were formed.

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To do this, the government had to mobilize an extensive workforce to carry out massive earthworks. The Chinese also developed a much more extensive internal communications network, including a system of internal waterways, the running and maintenance of which required central supervision; these networks proved vital for the functioning of the Chinese economy.

The constant threat of nomadic invasions from the north and the west made the Chinese people and their government think about and organize a common defense in much more systematic fashion than was the case in India. India enjoyed protection from the high mountain ranges, which provided an effective barrier in the north, and from deserts of Eastern Iran, which made it difficult for anyone to attack India from the west.

Unlike India, China had no major racial tensions.

China and india comparing the

Ethnic and language differences were also much more prominent in India, with its hundreds of languages, than in China. Likewise, the Chinese religions of Daoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism did not divide people into ritually distinct groups castes or jatis or categories varnas with specific ritual obligations or enforced separation.

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The Chinese political order was more paternalistic; it modeled itself on the hierarchical order of an extended family or clan in which the younger members enjoyed less authority and privilege but were not qualitatively distinct from older members, whose authority depended solely on their position and experience.

The Chinese educational system, especially in its Confucian and Buddhist forms, was not ritually exclusive, unlike the Vedic system. Instead, education in China was relatively open to most people, including lower-class boys.

The Chinese examination system was elitist and highly competitive, but it stressed individual abilities rather than the origins or social status of the student.

In this way, Chinese high culture provided venues for social mobility and exercised an integrative influence on Chinese society.China and India are the two most populous countries of the world.

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China is the most populous country with approximately billion people in India is second largest country by population with approximately billion inhabitants in IN THE recent Singapore Grand Prix, a car belonging to the Force India team reached the finish line just seconds after the leader.

Today's chart uses a stopwatch to compare India's progress in. As China’s president Xi Jinping heads to India to meet prime minister Narendra Modi take a look at how the two nations that each contain more than a sixth of the world’s population compare.

Of the ten countries that have independently successfully launched a satellite into orbit, six are Asian: China, India, Iran, Israel, Japan and North Korea. China's first manned spacecraft entered orbit in October , making China the first Asian nation to send a human into space.

China and India - 13 charts that show how the countries compare. Jul 26,  · On a remote pass through Himalayan peaks, China and India, two nuclear-armed nations, have come near the brink of conflict over an unpaved road.

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